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    Lynn, 21, robot demonspawn. Sexually attracted to not you. Beleives in the one lord Edmund McMillen. Cat hater. I'm in college studying Video Game art. I post more shit in my art tag than I do good shit.

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    My 3DS friendcode is 0104-0437-2492! My safari is a bug type with Combee, Beautifly, and Vivillion in it. My New Leaf town is the great theocracy of Hamlet.


What was the inspiration for the names of the different planets in Aether? Are they based on anything at all?



they were all based on words that tied to the planet… i made it with tyler in 14 days so its all a blur… i know debasa was a play on the word debase, bibulon was a play on bibulous that one means to drink or an alcoholic, malaisus is a play on malaise.. i think it means becoming sick or feeling ill. Gravidia was a play on gravida i believe it means pregnancy…. id like to work on this game again :)

please reboot everything

Aether, Time Fcuk, Coil, even AVGM

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im not actually that sad about bucky actually im mostly just excited over my own personal fantasies of cap rescuing him from his demons, but thats kinda the same thing probably

some emotion has been compromised somewhere

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u 2 now huh

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*sweats nervously*


I saw a hot lady at a grocery store, kinda trying to remember what she looked like

Black people are a small minority in Finland and every time you see one chances are they’re really well dressed


Deadpool icons from Deadpool vs Carnage #2

I cant beleive I spent like 7 hours reading two bit assbaby fanfiction hurgh

I didnt know there were gonna be assbabies but man, that was a fuckin asbaby parade

didnt even notice the sunrise

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alternate timelines where Bucky always becomes the Winter Soldier & Loki always has assbabies, but the how why and with who change?

alternate timelines with constants and variables?

I see you drawin inspiration

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oh loki you stole your own brother’s semen for a third assbaby didnt you

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this fic wants me to believe that Loki brainwashed Bucky over the course of maybe a year, which doesn’t fit into the timeframe of the movies bc he displaced Bucky through time after running into Cap and showed the results supposedly ~10 weeks after the Avengers climax, had Winter Soldier!Bucky manipulate the Avengers into going to Asgard to cure Natasha of magic poison in order to hitch a ride to go free him, kidnapped Jane in front of the whole Avengers crew in order to trade her safety for Cap’s willing imprisonment, emotionally manipulated Bucky & Cap so they would do the nasty, manipulated Bucky into doing the nasty with him not to torment Cap (that was just a perk) but to reach his goal of having Cap’s semen slide out of Bucky’s ass and into Loki’s ass, in order to make a three-way asgardian-midgardian-jotun ass baby. For um. Purposes. Cap and Bucky’s seed are apparently worth a lot of trouble.

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Page 63
Three Apples \ Written and drawn by CapnPea \ Color by Kefkafloyd



Page 63

Three Apples \ Written and drawn by CapnPea \ Color by Kefkafloyd



did I just trash five hours by reading cap/bucky fanfics

I did

I didnt even get up to piss or drink, I tabbed into tumblr a few times obvs but yo

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this person rewrote the entire movie canon and made a Loki-Winter Soldier team-up plot just to stage a coming out story for Cap. Beautiful.

HOKAY Loki just smooched Bucky and now I know what that dubcon warning meant. Ew. 

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